A Business Owner’s Simple Guide to Google Analytics

Have you been searching for a simple guide to Google Analytics? You know, one that gives you the top reports and how to leverage them to improve your business? We understand as business owners ourselves, sometimes you don’t need a college-level course, you just need enough information to get the job done. Well, you’ve found it. In this article, we will cover the top 10 Google Analytics reports you need to grow your online presence and HOW to use them.

Setting Up Your Google Analytics Account

Log into Google Analytics and enter your new account information for your website in the appropriate spaces (as seen below).

Google Analytics Training

Next, configure your data sharing settings as seen below.

After you agree to the terms and conditions, you will be taken to the dashboard. Click on “Admin” from the left menu.

Once on the Admin tab, click on “Tracking Info”. A menu will dropdown. Choose the “Tracking Code”.

The Google Analytics tracking code will need to be installed on each page that you want Google Analytics to measure and report on its activity. There are two ways to install, which is determined by your website platform.

Tracking ID

For example, if your website is on WordPress, you can use a Google Analytics plugin (such as MonsterInsights) to help you easily install your tracking code on your entire website without know code or worrying about changing any settings accidentally.


If your website is built with HTML files (or you just like working with code on WordPress), you can add the tracking code directly to the header source code. You install the Google Analytics tracking code by adding it before the </head> tag in your header file or on each page between the <head> and </head> tags.

A Business Owner’s Simple Guide to Google Analytics Reporting

Standard Reporting

Real-Time Reporting – Overview: This report shows who is using your site right now. Why is this important? It helps you determine if you should run a major update, publish a new article, add a popup, and a dozen other things you might want to wait until there are less or more folks using the site.

Behavior – Speed Suggestions: This useful report helps you improve you users experience with ease.

Acquisition – Channels and Source/Medium: Tracking where your traffic is coming from helps you streamline marketing practices and improve efforts. For example, are you seeing more organic searches? Up your efforts with content around applicable keywords.

Acquisition – Social Overview: Reporting on social media traffic helps you determine where your focus should be with your social media marketing and adjust strategies.

Custom Reporting

To create custom reports, click on Customization, then Custom Reports, and finally, new custom report.

Customer Acquisition Reporting

For those looking for a simple report that shows the sources/channels that are adding the largest chunk of revenue to your business, you can create the custom Google Analytics report below.

You can use metrics like % New Sessions, Average Order Value, Conversion Rate, and Revenue to review exactly the information that you need.

Time / Day Report

Another simple, but useful custom Google Analytics report is a time and day report. Setting up the custom report below will allow you to view the most active days and times for your website. Why is this important? It helps you determine when your target market is most active online. This can drive social media posts and email marketing.

For example, if your market is more active on Saturday afternoons, set up your weekly email blast or live videos for around that time. People are more likely to see it. You can even set up a YouTube live that is linked to your website to start during your most active time to drive viewership.

Search Traffic Reporting

Are you looking to figure out the differences between your organic and paid traffic? Create the custom report below to distinguish how paid and organic customers are interacting with your website. This can be done by reviewing sources and applicable keywords being used to find your site.

Referrals Reporting

Are you curious about how your referrals are performing? The custom Google Analytics report below is a great option to track how they are doing.

Setting up multiple views/tabs allows you the ability to quickly see all referrals and the top referrals bringing revenues to your business.

Email Assessment Report

Tracking the effectiveness of email campaigns is a must. Create this custom report to quickly see how your email marketing is bringing in new visitors. You will need to use something like the custom URL tool from Google to track your campaigns.

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