Feeling stuck and lonely in your business? PCE is here for you.

We’re a Community Built on Purpose

The Profitable Christian Entrepreneurs Community was created with the purpose to educate, equip and expand the Kingdom, one entrepreneur at a time.

Do you know that God gifted you with a calling and a purpose to create your business, but…

❌You feel isolated and alone as you build your business on Kingdom terms.

❌You’re frustrated with the feast or famine revenue roller coaster or feel like you’ve plateaued in your revenue.

❌You have endless tasks that never seem to move the bar forward.

❌You find yourself wondering why this thing isn’t working like you had envisioned.

❌You know that you know that God called you to build this business but you sometimes question if you heard Him right.

❌You have a servant leaders’ heart and have you been searching for Biblically sound business guidance.

But what if we told you that you’re not alone? That….

✅Building a successful Kingdom business takes time, but you CAN do it!

✅You CAN be successful and a light for God!

✅You CAN find fellowship with other believers who help YOU grow in your business and keep you accountable!

✅You CAN find the resources and training that YOU need to grow your business!

✅You CAN easily build a strategized plan for your business!

✅When God calls us to something, HE WILL equip us for it!

What if we told you that instead of another coaching program, e-course or searching the internet for hours, there’s a community of Kingdom-Minded entrepreneurs to help you follow God’s call to entrepreneurship?

Remember, we are all parts of the same body and are created for community. Why not leverage our knowledge and experience instead of trying to do this thing called entrepreneurship on your own.

You Are a World Changer

You were created by our Heavenly Father for a purpose and a plan. You have the ability to change the world and create lasting social impact through your giftings and experiences. Profitable Christian Entrepreneurs is here to serve and support Christian entrepreneurs as they grow in their Kingdom callings. Through our network of knowledgable and skilled entrepreneurs, we provide guidance to Christian entrepreneurs, world changers, disruptors, and social impactors at every stage of their journey.

Are you ready to walk in your Kingdom purpose?

Then what’s stopping you?

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters. Colossians 3:23 NIV